The Honda Accord has been the industry’s best-selling mid-size sedan since early 2017, and ever since the current generation launched it has been one of the most popular vehicles in its class. That said, Honda is always aiming to improve all of its products, and it is with that mind that the Japanese automaker introduced the new 2018 Accord, the 10th-generation of Honda midsize sedans.

2018 Honda Accord

The new 2018 Honda Accord promises to be more powerful and efficient, and will feature a more aggressive styling and some exclusive technologies.

Honda Accord: Honda’s 2nd best-selling vehicle

Since the arrival of the Honda Accord in Canada in 1976, Honda’s mid-size sedan has sold more than 880,000 units, making the Accord the second most popular Honda model in the country after the Honda Civic. Like all generations of the Honda Accord since 1986, the new 2018 model will be built in Alliston, Ontario.

The 2018 Honda Accord will be the 10th generation model and promises to be by far the most advanced to date. It will initially offer a choice of two engines, and more importantly it will be available with a 10-speed automatic transmission,  something no other sedan in its class can offer.

A new turbo engine for the 2018 Honda Accord

As mentioned earlier, two engines will be offered in the new 2018 Honda Accord. The first is a four-cylinder, 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that should be quite similar to the engine we find in the new Honda CR-V. The latter was also completely redesigned last year and received a turbo engine for the first time in its history.

Honda has not confirmed the power of the engine that will be under the hood of the entry-level 2018 Accord, but it should not be far from the 190 horses featured in the new CR-V. This engine will be paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission, or a six-speed manual transmission that will be back on the next-generation Accord. That should please those that still like to have complete control over their engine.

The biggest change found in the 2018 Honda Accord, however, is the new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that can be combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission, an exclusive in the mid-size segment.

This gearbox should allow the 2018 Honda Accord to deliver even more impressive performance in terms of comfort, fuel economy and performance. In addition, the 2.0-liter turbo engine is expected to deliver even more impressive performance compared to the current V6 engine, while being more fuel-efficient.

Finally, the new generation will continue to be offered with a hybrid engine that has also been upgraded according to the Japanese manufacturer. We will know more about the upcoming 2018 Honda Accord in the coming weeks.

For now, do not hesitate to come and discover the current 2017 Honda Accord, the best-selling car in its segment at the moment. For more information, contact us today at Halton Honda!