Now Available for Test Drives at Halton Honda: MY FIT


I had to wait a few weeks for my new 2015 Honda Fit EXL with navi in black to arrive but Ooo-La-La...once it did, the wait was long forgotten! All new for 2015, this 3rd generation Honda Fit boasts a ton of new to the Fit features. As you’d expect from Honda; the new 1.5L iVtec direct injection Earth Dreams engine has been designed to increase fuel economy (6.4L combined) without sacrificing performance (130hp @ 6600rpm). Not as many horses as a Civic (140hp) but the vehicle itself is lighter than the Civic and it’s definitely peppier than the last generation Fit (117hp). Think: tight-zippy-fun-go-cart-feel. Of course My Fit might just be a tad peppier than most because I added an offset silver “go-fast” racing stripe up the hood and over the roof.  Why not personalize it and set it apart from all others?



Lane Watch Blind Spot Camera




Rear Cargo Space


Most car enthusiasts agree that when it comes to building a superior CVT transmission, Honda wins hands down. I’ve been driving CVT (Continously Variable Transmission) for over 10yrs (the transmission of choice for Honda Hybrids) so not feeling any gears changes has been my base line for years. What bumps up the fun factor for me now is the addition of paddle shifters. Logic says: if a CVT has no gears…what exactly are we shifting with these paddles? Honda has engineered seven artificial “gears” to combat the two big complaints against most CVTs: the rubber-band effect (engine rev’s and then the car speed eventually catches up) and the lack of driver involvement (that one never made sense to me…you want more involvement? It’s called a manual transmission and it’s now available in a slick 6 speed). Bottom line: Honda CVTs don’t have the rubber band feel, that’s why the auto critics love them and I use my paddle shifters daily to save my brakes and add some fun to my drive up and down the escarpment.


ECON BUTTON2015-Honda-Fit-back-endstart buttonbluetooth


So that’s the mandatory dry technical talk. Let’s talk about the toys! We all know the Honda Fit for the practical, economical runabout, but what if into that mix you added the little things customers have long been asking for in the Honda Fit? Simple things like a seat height adjustment and bluetooth. Now add a bit of luxury like heated leather seats, power moonroof, voice activated navigation system, XM satellite radio, climate control, or the ability to keep your keys in your pocket with the proximity key and push button start. With the HDMI cable, this summer I will be able to stay awake at the soccer pitch by plugging in my phone or tablet to watch a movie on the 7” touch screen on the dash (only in “park” of course). Lastly, add best in class safety equipment like a backup camera, Honda’s LaneWatch blind spot camera and you’ve got the makings for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top safety pick for it’s class. Gone are the days of manufacturers’ assuming a compact vehicle should have a compact list of features. Just because I prefer a small car doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my comforts!


Top safety pick 2015


The big appeal of the mighty hatchback is of course the cargo room and this is where no other hatchback on road can compare. The first ever Magic seat was launched in the 1994 Odyssey. Lots have tried to duplicate it (I’m looking at you Chrysler), but none have perfected it like Honda has. The near flat floor is the envy of the industry. I love going to antique markets and I never want my car to be the deciding factor on whether or not I can purchase a newly found treasure. I have fit more stuff in my Fit than some small SUV’s on the market. Next time you’re in the showroom ask to test drive MY FIT and see for yourself how Honda can get massive fun out of a small stature.


Practical, Safe, Economical…Magical. MY FIT, is just my fit!