Local Results For Honda’s “Win Your Civic for $17” Contest



2015 got off to a rough start for Laura Murray. Laura works at an out of town Ford dealership that had been servicing her 2005 Civic Si. Someone there recommended an aftermarket water pump (and timing belt) that ended up being installed improperly and resulted in her being stranded on side of the road too many times. Halton Honda then stepped in to diagnose the problem, replace the offending water pump (& timing belt while we were in there) and left Laura so happy she wrote a glowing testimonial about our service dept. But bad luck wasn’t finished with Laura and within 2 weeks her battery was now letting her down. That was the last straw, she needed a reliable car and even though with a new pump and battery her Si would carry on for years, she felt it was time it carried on without her. Laura leased her new 2015 Civic EX in early February and was so thrilled with the experience she wrote yet another testimonial for our website:

“…Thank you again for all of your help in seeing me through this rough patch. I am glad to have it behind me. Here’s to 2015 being one of the most awesome years yet!!! Sending some good vibes your way 😀 A BIG THANK YOU to Halton Honda! Brad M, Melanie, and Robyn …You guys ROCK!!!”



Good Vibes Received and Returned! A couple of weeks later on March 4th Ontario Honda dealers drew Laura’s name as the “Win your Civic for $17” contest winner! After a lot of convincing that this was really happening…Laura picked up her cheque for almost $27,000 and hasn’t stopped smiling! Through all her automotive frustrations Laura kept a good attitude and Karma rewarded her big time!

From all the staff here at Halton Honda:

Congratulations Laura! You Rock Too!



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