HRV at the dealership

 Now that the 2016 HR-V has arrived, here are

the top 5 features we’re

 hearing the most about in the showroom:



#5  Designed with fun in mind

The HR-V’s low muscular stance, flared fenders and

wide tires all mask the everyday practicality of this newest Honda!

The showroom buzz:

Halton Honda customers are really liking the hidden handles on the

rear doors that give the HR-V more of a coupe-like profile.

HRV rear door handle

Normally only found on the higher trim models; Honda decided to launch the

2016 HR-V with 5 spoke 17″ aluminum alloys on all models.

HRV Alloys 2

Do you yearn for a vehicle with the utility of a SUV,  a dynamic driving experience

and a drivetrain designed for serious drivers? Your wait is over!

The 2 wheel drive versions of the HR-V are now available in a slick 6 speed manual transmission.

If you need a 4 wheel drive system…may we recommend you amp up

the fun factor with our fuel efficient CVT automatic with paddle shifters?




#4  Brake Hold

New to the Honda Lineup, customers want to know what it is and how soon they can test it in stop & go traffic!

Brake Hold maintains brake pressure when the vehicle stops moving and releases it when you accelerate.



#3  Magic Seat

Just like it’s Fit cousin, this exclusive to Honda seat gives you the very best in function and utility.

HRV magic seat  HRV magic seat down



#2  Wiper De-Icer

Honda really knows Canada!

Keep a clear look out this winter when your wipers stay warm and pliable

while resting on a heating element at the base of all HR-V windshields.


Heated Wipers

#1  Clever Cubbies!

 The HR-V has a lot of spots to accommodate your mobile life and clever new cup-holders that flip up

for those mornings when a small coffee just won’t do!

 2016-Honda-HR-V-armrest closed

HRV two tier console

 Two tier centre console means messy phone cords are

kept out of sight instead of tangled around your gear shifter.

  HRV tow tier console with phone

Honda thinks of everything!  Right down to a perfect little spot to put the key fob while driving.  That’s the kind of attention to detail that makes living with a vehicle a joy.

HRV Fob-spot

Bottom Line:

Our customers agree that the HR-V is truly…

The Goldilocks of CUVs!


Honda Love