The days are getting longer and dreams of spring are starting to infiltrate my work day.  One tonic that keeps my dreams of spring rolling is to forget about ice scrapers and all the salt stains in my HR-V and attend the auto show at the Toronto Convention Centre.

Following on their “YEAR OF HONDA” success; Honda’s booth was one of the largest at the show.  Prime location, bigger than most and we got the added bonus of seeing the Honda Uni-Cub personal mobility device in action.  Honda has always been primarily a mobility company; focusing on getting people from point A to point B on any number of wheels.  The Uni-Cub has been in development for years but rarely seen outside of Japan.


The UNI-CUB is a new personal mobility device that combines compact saddle-style packaging with the same freedom to move forward, backward, laterally and diagonally that people enjoy when walking by Honda’s proprietary balance control technology and the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System).

I followed the guy riding the Uni-cub around the Honda booth for 10 min. before he told me no one else was allowed to ride it but him. Booooo!


Last year’s big draw was the all new 2016 HRV and the redesigned 2016 Pilot.  The stars of this year’s show was the redesigned 2016 Civic Coupe and the launch of the comeback kid: the 2017 Ridgeline.


2017 Ridgeline


There it was.  The all new 2017 Ridgeline in all it’s glistening silver glory.  Slowly rotating on it’s platform smack dab in the middle of Honda-Land.

2017 Ridgeline in Toronto

Built on the Pilot Platform, Honda’s reentry into the pickup truck segment has been long awaited.  For this all new version, Honda really listened to it’s customers and designed a truck with a more conventional profile, larger box, and for those that use their truck as a rolling office; more tech compatibility.


2017 ridgeline black edition front


New this year is the addition of 6 “exciters” (speakers) built into the bed of the truck.  Since conventional speakers would have face plates that would easily be damaged in the back of a truck, these six exciters embedded behind the bed walls produce 540 watts of carefree boomin’ sound.

Honda hasn’t released the official tow capacity, but the sneaky observer could spy the manufacturer’s sticker below the bumper and see that it says Tow Capacity: 5000lbs.



2017 ridgeline black edition back

Also at the show was the 2017 Ridgeline Black Edition. All black, with black trim and black alloys … in a word: Snarly!



 2016 Civic Coupe


The tenth generation Civic sedan arrived at dealers this past autumn.  The highly anticipated 2016 Civic Coupe should be here sometime in April.


2016 Civic coupe back



2016 Civic coupe in toronto


There’s no chance of mistaking the back end of this car for anything else on the market.  Honda has taken the two “C’s” on either end of the word CIVIC and connected them for a dynamic, athletic nod to Honda’s sporty heritage.

The Civic has long been known as the sensible small car. With this new design, Honda is giving us a coupe that not only appeals to your common-sense-head but also to your seat-of-your-pants-heart.






2016 CRZ


For those Honda CRX enthusiast out there, Honda has brought back it’s reincarnation; the sporty CR-Z hybrid with a few additions like LaneWatch blind spot camera, LED lights, and updated grill among it’s new features.  I was lucky enough to have a white CRZ years ago as my demonstrator and just loved how many heads it turned.  When someone asks me, over the past 17 years which Honda do I have a passion for?  My hot lil’ CR-Z is always at the top of my list.


2016 CRZ profile


2016 CRZ front grill



The all new Ridgeline, Civic Coupe and a reimagined CRZ…the perfect tri-fecta of new models to usher in spring!

Maybe Honda will send us a new CR-Z poster for my office.  😉



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