Halton Honda has a long running reputation in the industry as the family run dealership that customers love to return to. Loyalty that was recently recognised by Honda Canada when they announced Halton Honda is currently ranked first in all of Canada for customer loyalty when purchasing new vehicles.  We thought it was about time we shone a spotlight on the team that helps make that happen.

In this first edition of “meet the team” we’ll meet Greg, Hugh and Jeff.



When did you start at Halton Honda and what brought you here?

Hugh: I was selling real estate in the Caribbean before I moved my family back to Canada in 2011.  My sister actually worked at Halton Honda briefly years before and recommended I apply.  It turned out to be great advice.

Greg: I started with Honda in 2001 at Oakville Honda, and what brought me to Halton Honda in 2008 was another salesman here; Marc Pregnolato.

Jeff: I started with Halton Honda back in 1986 when I was 23yrs old (hang on, I just dated myself LOL).  I’ll be celebrating 30 years with Halton Honda this August.  I was just out of college where I took fish and wildlife biology course, but then they wanted to send me to work up in Timmins or the like.  My Mom’s friend actually suggested that I stay in the golden horseshoe and sell cars, I could earn a better living down here and stay warmer.   So I did, and here I am.  It’s been a wonderful living and I’ve met some really nice people over the years.


What is the best thing about working at Halton Honda?

Hugh: The Saturday morning bagels!   Well…that and the combination of management and owners that make up a great team to work for.

Greg: Compared to other dealers, it’s more of a community based dealership with a fantastic reputation for not only sales but service too. And the fact that it’s family owned, that’s huge.

Jeff:  The fact that it’s a family run business.  They really look after their staff, listen to their staff and return the loyalty given.  Even behind the scenes, management-wise, it’s a very low pressure atmosphere and I think that the customers can sense that too.   I also have so many long term customers that have bought numerous cars off of me, every day it’s like meeting up with a different old friend.  As a matter of fact, now I’m helping a lot of the kids of my oldest customers.



Hugh Bell,     Jeff Flanigan,    Greg Berg

 Do you enjoy working with each other?

Hugh:  Definitely, if one of us doesn’t have a product answer the other ones will.

Greg:  Absolutely.  I sure do.

Jeff:  Yeah, I find that the comradery is excellent.  We’re all here to help one another out.  I look forward to coming to work everyday.


What kind of things do you like to do outside of work?

Hugh:  I golf of course.  I’m also a Vice President of the Waterdown Sportsman Club where I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys.

Greg:  I hang out with my kids who are 3 and 5 years old, I live really local so we love to play in the park. They keep me super busy.

Jeff:  Well, getting back to my fish and wildlife biology course; I come by the outdoors honestly.  My father was a big fisherman and loved the outdoors.  We always had retrievers growing up so now I have two black labs that are fully trained for field trials and hunt tests which is a big hobby of mine.  My dogs have won numerous awards in field trials.

May 2015puppy

Jeff’s dog “Punch” pays the showroom a visit



What’s your favorite Honda and why?

Hugh:  Hands down; the new Civic, because it’s awesome.  I still can’t believe the amount of tech features you get it in. The value you get with this new Civic is amazing.




Greg: The Accord Touring sedan.  Why?  I just love the ride quality, the quietness coupled with fantastic fuel economy.




JeffThe Ridgeline.  simply because it meets and exceeds my outdoor expectations.  So you’re looking forward to the all new 2017 Ridgeline?   Oh Yeah!  It can’t get here fast enough.

2017 Ridgeline front quarter at night

Why should a customer want to buy their next Honda from you?

Jeff:  They will get direct answers, honesty and a fair price.

Hugh:  Well, I haven’t been here as long as Jeff so I’m looking for my own long term customers.  I’m commited to a customer centred process. Service, service, service!  And I can do it in Spanish!

Greg: Service and knowledge.  Does that sound too pretentous?  Not if it’s true. It’s my infinite knowledge of the Honda product! LOL!


Most people, especially those in the new car department, have discussed a lot of funny shenanigans that go on here in the dealership. What is the funniest or most memorable moment you’ve had while working at Halton Honda?

Jeff:  a few years ago we had a running gag of putting peanut butter on the ear piece of each others phone.  One sales guy walked around with a big glob of it dangling from his ear for 15 minutes asking everyone “who’s eating peanut butter? Why do I smell peanut butter?”  We even put some on one of the owner’s phone,  he was a really good sport about it but he also caught on a lot faster!

Hugh: Halton Honda orders in lunch for all the staff on Saturdays, and one Saturday it was California Sandwiches which came with a small tub of tomato sauce on the side for everyone to share.  Well, one of the sales guys (I won’t say who) was the first up in the lunchroom and when he came down he was raving about how good the tomato soup was!  Even though we all went without sauce that day, it was well worth the chuckle!

GregI had a gift basket full of treats and chocolate ready to be given to one of my longtime customers.  Without my knowledge my co-workers added all my desktop accessories to it.  As I was passing it to my customer I finally clued in that my stapler, pen well,  tape dispenser and the like, were all neatly packaged up among the chocolate.  Luckily my customer thought it was as hilarious as my coworkers.