Welcome back to Meet the Halton Honda Team! In this month’s edition we will be getting to know three more great people from the Halton Honda staff.  Ryan Zogala, Marc Pregnolato and Billy MacNeil are a few of the friendly faces that will help you through the entire car buying process. We will ask the guys some questions to get to know them a little better.


Ryan Billy Marc 023

Ryan Zogala, Billy MacNeil and Marc Pregnolato



When did you start at Halton Honda and what brought you here?

Ryan: I applied for a summer job as a detailer back in 2002.  I just wanted to enjoy my summer and work on cool cars.  After working the summer, I enjoyed it so much I ended up sticking around as a lot boy for a couple of years That’s who moves the cars around and gasses them up…among other things like doing the Timmy runs.  Yeah, but I still loved the atmosphere and the people so I decided to use my marketing education to get into a sales career with a product I already believed in.  That was about 2004 I made the big switch.

Marc:  I started in 2007, what brought me here?   Halton Honda’s reputation and my past experience with the dealership.  You were a customer first?  Half the faces I met with during my interview were the same faces that helped me in service when I was a teenager.  Mark Comfort (Halton Honda Fixed Operations Manager) was a service advisor at the time and used to help me out.  I’ve always been a huge Honda fan and before working here I actually sold Honda’s at: “we’re-too-polite-to-mention-Honda” but I practically ran out the door when I heard Halton Honda was hiring!

Billy:  I started in May 2014.  What brought you here?  My friend in the back: Mr. Cook (Dwyane Cook has been Halton Honda’s Senior Financial Service Manager since 1997) I’ve known Dwayne since 1987 and in terms of my old job where I was selling a product in people’s homes and advising them around the kitchen table, it seemed that the car business was the same type of thing.  Sitting down with people to find out what their needs are and advising them on the best product for their situation.

What is the best thing about working at Halton Honda?

Marc:  Family run dealership makes for a great atmosphere, great colleagues, great service department to keep my customers happy.

Billy:  The product and the people.  I just think we have the best product in the marketplace.  Honda is a step above the competition.

Ryan:  I’d have to say the best thing is the people. It’s always been the people and it’s the reason I’ve been here for 14 years.  The owners are great with their employees


Do you enjoy working with each other? 

Billy: Our shift is fantastic.  Someone is always available to lend a helping hand we have each other’s back.

Marc: Love it.  Best place of employment I’ve ever worked at.  We really treat each other like friends and family here.  I think that customers can sense that too.

Ryan:  Is this going on the record?  Well …OK, yeah I love working with them! (LOL)  We all look out for each other so we don’t have a hostile sales environment.  Customers appreciate that.  No one enjoys being swarmed by aggressive salespeople.  If I get tied up I know one of my co-workers will step up and help with a customer.

 Ryan Billy Marc 018


What kind of things do you like to do outside of work?

Marc:  Playing sports like hockey…poker… I don’t know if you want to add that?  It’s well known the sales team gets together for poker nights.  Oh yeah, our staff poker nights are fun, especially when “charitable” Greg Berg shows up!   Other than that, a couple of months ago my friend discovered a stray cat had given birth outside his front door.  He took them in and I just adopted the momma and one of her boys.  They’re keeping me busy!


Marc’s new feline friends: Mai and Charlie

Ryan:  I’m heavily involved with renovating anything I can get my hands on.  If I’m not renovating, I’m probably at a ball park with my wife and two boys.  Or playing in the pool.

Billy: Umm … hockey, cycling, spending time with family in the pool or any place on Lake Huron and did I mention hockey?  Both my boys and I play hockey.  My family is originally from Cape Breton so anytime I get a chance to travel out east to visit family is a real treat.


What’s your favorite Honda and why?

Billy: The new  Accord.  The look of the car, the ride,  the room and I have an 2008 Accord EXL and even though it’s getting older I can’t believe how much I still enjoy driving it.


2016 Accord EXL

2016 Accord


Ryan: Hmmmm….my favorite Honda of all time would have to be the Prelude.  When I was young, that was the first sports car I ever purchased and I enjoyed it so much I bought another one.  It just happened to be the car I could afford and I ended up falling in love with them.

old prelude

1991 Prelude


Now?  I’d have to say the Ridgeline.  I really enjoyed the old one, it was the perfect all round truck for everything I do.  Renovations, yard work, towing my trailer and comfortable space for the family.  I can’t wait for the new one coming this summer.


2017 Ridgeline back quarter

The All New 2017 Ridgeline


Marc:  my current favorite Honda would have to be the Accord Sport styling, comfort and I like all the amenities for the price.

Accord Sport

2016 Accord Sport

Favorite Honda of all time?  1992 Honda Accord EXR.  I take it you owned one?  I did, I loved that car.


1992 Accord EXR


 Why should a customer want to buy their next Honda from you?


Ryan: Biggest reason would be that I have a very laid back approach and that approach lets the customer feel more comfortable.  Most people have really busy schedules so I try to answer their questions and provide them the info their looking for as quickly as humanly possible!

Billy:  When I sit down with a customer, I treat my desk as if it were a kitchen table You bring food?  No, but it’s a comfortable conversation spot. I think I have honesty, integrity and a little bit of charm.  I’m new to this business and in order for me to be successful you have to start with happy customers, so for me customer satisfaction is my number one priority.

Marc:  Great service…I’m upfront…no B.S. I treat people the way I want to be treated when I go shopping.


Most people, especially those in the new car department, have discussed a lot of funny shenanigans that go on here in the dealership. What is the funniest or most memorable moment you’ve had while working at Halton Honda?


Ryan: That’s tough because there’s so many.  I remember burying a co-worker’s car completely in snow.  Oh, and definitely the Halton Honda golf tournaments! Those are always a blast.  Someone has a video of me hanging off a golf cart with flowers in my cap singing “We are the Dream Team!”.  One year, we had a water fight and one of the owners actually poured a jug of water over a service advisor’s head…that was something to see!

Marc:  There are so many!  But one that hasn’t been touched on is the time our sales manager Brad Joseph who is the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs fan was excited to pick up the very first 2016 Pilot.  I was with a customer when he jumped in his new demo and drove off.  One minute later…he was back and drove it right up to me refusing to leave until I removed the Montreal Canadian logo from his dash wallpaper screen.  He was not impressed with the use of that technology!

Ryan Billy Marc 030

General Sales Manager and Toronto Maple Leaf’s fan; Brad Joseph doesn’t like to be left out!


Billy:  When my customer Neil Harmer won the $10,000 Halton Honda gave away last year.  We surprised him at work with one of those oversized cheques.  He was blown away and I got to feel like Ed McMann!


Billy's moment

There you have it, Ryan, Marc and Billy are three sales consultants who have a passion for the automotive industry, and love working here at Halton Honda. If you are considering a new Honda, stop in and see Marc, Billy or Ryan. They’re here to make your car buying process as easy and enjoyable as possible.