You don’t have to go far before running into someone that owns, has owned or hopes to own a Honda Civic.   The Civic has been the #1 selling passenger car in Canada for over 18 years.  And judging from the public response to the all-new tenth generation; Honda should start planning that record’s 20th anniversary party!  The one fly in the ointment is the new Civic is so packed with features and technology; our staff is finding it difficult to review EVERYTHING within an acceptable amount of time.  When customers pick up their Civic; all they want to do is hit the road as soon as possible, and who can blame them?  This Civic was built for people that love to drive!   We want everyone to know that if you have any questions about any new Honda, please contact us and arrange a run through of any feature you’d like to understand better.  Here are a few of the features that customer’s have asked us about.

Using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If your Civic is equipped with the “Display Audio” screen on the dash, then you are ready to plug your phone’s charging cable into the USB port (on the lower deck in your centre console), to “mirror” your phone’s screen up on your dash.  Get your audio, podcasts, text messages…all on your dash and at your fingertips.  Or even better; just push the “Talk” button on your steering wheel for 2 seconds to engage either Apple’s Siri or Android’s “Hello Google” feature.  You then can make most commands that you would normally use your phone for. “What is the Weather Forecast Today?”, “Send a Text Message To…” “Read My Text Messages”, “Find closest Coffee Shop”.  Access the world with a (2 second) push of a button!


If the System is Having a Difficult Time Picking Up Your Voice Commands.

Make sure your air vents are pointed down and away from the microphone located on the ceiling.  Try closing the sunroof and make sure you are not talking over the “BEEP”.    If you push your “Talk” button once and quickly, you will engage the HONDA HandsFreeLink system where you can continue by saying “Dial by Name” or “Dial by Number” before proceeding. That will work, but your smart phone knows your phonebook the best, so make sure to connect to your phone directly by pushing that “Talk” button and holding for 2 seconds.   (If your car’s system launches into a tutorial every time you push the “Talk” button, you can disable that function by going from your home screen to “SETTINGS”,where you will find “VOICE PROMPTS” to turn them off.)   Be sure to use the exact name that is found in your phone book.  If you ask the system to “Call Cathy” but you have her listed as “Catherine” in your phone book, the system may have you jumping through more hoops than what is really needed.


Walk Away Auto Door Locks


If your Civic has a proximity key, then you also have the ability to have your car automatically lock the doors when you move 2 metres away (with the key).

From your home screen, select SETTINGS—VEHICLE—DOOR/WINDOW SETUP and turn on WALK AWAY DOOR LOCKS.

You will hear a single beep when you exit the car and a second beep as a confirmation once you move 2 meters away. The system WON’T work if the windows, hood, trunk, or sunroof are open or if the other key fob is inside the vehicle.    For peace of mind; if the system doesn’t lock your vehicle, it will alert you by beeping several times quickly.


Personalize Your Dash Display.

main wallpapers 005

Since the 7″ infotainment screen on your dash houses most of the information you could ever need in a car, why not allow drivers to personalize their car and upload their own screen wallpaper?    Instructions on how to do this are on your owners CD, of course, but here are the basics:

Photos need to be on a USB Flash drive (you can’t upload directly from your phone) plugged into the USB port located on the lower deck of your centre console.  Use either BMP (bmp) or JPEG (jpg), and a maximum size of 1,920 x 936 pixels.  From your HOME screen go to SETTINGS—SYSTEM—and scroll down to CLOCK/WALLPAPER

You can adjust your clock in this screen or choose the WALLPAPER tab.  This is where you can choose between three preloaded Honda wallpapers or choose to ADD NEW.  Your memory stick photos will be displayed.  Find your selected photo and press to save.  Once it’s downloaded, all you have to do is select it as your default wallpaper.  To view your wallpaper, go back to the HOME screen, click on INFO button and select WALLPAPER.  Voila!



Stay tuned for more features to be covered in future articles.