Every time Honda releases a new generation of vehicle, opinions and analysis swirl around every website and every automotive expert voices their opinions.  Let’s hear from the real life Honda experts that not only drive CR-Vs regularly, but also have a keen understanding what local Honda drivers are looking for.







Jeff Flanigan: “The return of the volume knob!”

Even though we’ve had a slider available on the dash and a volume control on the steering wheel, Jeff says his customers are most excited about an actual knob returning to the dash.


Is the 8-Track player next?




Albert Daniels:  “The heated steering wheel.”

Leather equipped CR-V’s now have a heated leather wrapped steering wheel so you can drive your CR-V through the coldest of days without gloves! Combined with the heated seats that are standard on all trims levels; it’s easier than ever to pretend it’s July in January.



2017 honda-cr-v-side

Mittens? We don’t need no stinking mittens!





Brad Joseph: “The quiet ride.”

With the new 1.5L Turbo engine not only does the CR-V get more horsepower (190hp) but it’s also moved the torque curve which now peaks at a low 2000rpm and delivers more power at lower speeds.  The end result is a more refined, quieter ride.


hondaca_lifeStyle (8)





Hugh Bell:  “The Honda Sensing technology”

All CR-V’s equipped with All Wheel Drive also include Honda’s Sensing Technology that takes automotive safety into the future.  This includes Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow, Lane Keep Assist (LKAS) and more.  Hugh is actually in the process of ordering a new 2017 for his wife after he found out his insurance company offers a discount for purchasing a vehicle with these safety features on it.    

crash-dummies-with blue sky





Greg Berg:  “Panoramic Sunroof”

Honda went on a listening tour to understand what CR-V drivers wanted to see in the next generation’s design.  Funny thing is, this time they asked Canadians who overwhelmingly wanted more sky in the cabin and warm hands on the steering wheel.   Americans rated those low on their priority list.  The bottom line is, Honda added a few luxury features and now the Canadian CR-V has more content to love than it’s American counterpart!

Gone are the days your rear-seat-passengers throw you dirty looks of envy. Now, all can enjoy the sun!

Gone are the days your rear-seat-passengers throw you dirty looks of envy. Now, all can enjoy the sun!






Mike Robichaud: “The Hands-Free Power Tailgate” 

Mike wishes he had this feature while Christmas shopping!  Next year, with his arms laden down with gifts for his co-workers, all he’ll have to do is kick his foot under the rear bumper to have the tailgate open to whatever programmable height he desires.  Looking forward to it too Mike!

No hands? No problem!

No hands? No problem!

Going up AND down.

Going up AND down.





David Krstulic: “Best in Class Fuel Efficiency”

Honda gets back to it’s fuel-sipping roots by lowering the fuel consumption and setting a new benchmark in the industry.   Added power AND better fuel economy?  How does Honda do it?    Partly by the addition of the 1.5L turbo engine connected to an efficient CV (Continuously Variable) transmission, and a decrease in vehicle weight.

It's coming!

It’s coming!




Amit Sharma:“The New Connectivity and Technology”

Apple Car Play and Android Auto has arrived in the new CR-V.  Not only do you now have the ease of having your phone’s home screen “mirrored” on your dash but that functionality extends to using your phone’s map app for a ready made navigation system on any trim level.  When activating the voice controls, driver’s should press the talk button and hold for two seconds to engage Siri or Android’s “Hello Google” voice control functions.  Your smart phone will be able to do things like “Read my text”, “Send a Text Message to _____”, dial any number in your contact list or just “Find closest coffee shop”.  The world at a press of your finger tip.






Will Kuipers:  “The Upscale Interior”

Will is impressed not only with the new interior look but also the comfort of the seats.  Available perforated leather trimmed seats and (new to the CR-V) memory seat positions create a tailored and luxurious environment.  Adding to our comfort is the new 4-way lumbar support available on the EX trim level and higher.  No matter what size the driver is, the lumbar support has a 4 way power adjustment to find your perfect spot.


CRV interior




Marc Pregnolato:  “Cross Traffic Monitor”

Eyes on the back of your head would be super-convenient for most people.  Instead of re-engineering the entire human race Honda added a cross traffic monitoring system to the Touring Edition.  All CR-V’s features a rear back-up camera with a wide, normal and straight down view.  The available cross traffic monitor alerts the driver of any on coming traffic as they attempt to reverse.  Marc can remember a too-close-for-comfort near miss on our lot, as a customer attempted to back out of a spot.


Honda’s Rear Cross Traffic Monitor System






Ryan Zogala:  “The Overall Styling and Those Awesome Lights”

When the concept for the new CR-V was leaked, few thought it would retain those concept-vehicle good looks.  What a wonderful subject to be wrong on!  Dual exhaust, flared fenders, streamlined good looks…this new CR-V looks muscular and ready for adventure.  Ryan especially loves the rear tail light design and how they’ve bulked them up and out.  Speaking of the lights, Honda added the modern look everyone is wanting with LED daytime running lights to all trim levels and LED headlights to the Touring Edition.

Distinctive tail lights

Distinctive tail lights


Rugged Good Looks

Rugged Good Looks




David McHarg:  “Driver Attention Monitor” 

This system is designed to detect when a driver may be exhibiting diminished attention to the road, and will alert the driver to take a break.  Long drives out to the ski slopes in Jay Peak Vermont, makes David one tired boy behind the wheel.  After 30 minutes of driving, having a system keep track of his ability to keep a straight line and alert him when he’s not…pure peace of mind!

Driver Attention Monitor makes a recommendation for a break when your driving input is diminished.

Driver Attention Monitor makes a recommendation for a break when your driving input is diminished.





Allan Mack: “Built by Canadians, for Canadians…Absolutely!”

In 1986, Honda became the first Japanese auto maker to build a manufacturing facility in Canada.  Located a few kilometers west of Barrie; Honda’s Alliston plant has almost 2 square kilometers of land, their own recreation centre with a full NHL-sized hockey arena, physical fitness areas, a baseball diamond, volleyball and tennis courts.  Two of the most popular vehicles sold in Canada, the Civic and CR-V are rolling off the line just a few kilometers north of Halton Honda.    Honda recently announced a $400 million investment over the next 3 years to their Canadian manufacturing plant.   The improvements will help cement over 4,000 jobs at the plant – which assembled 385,000 vehicles last year – and according to the government of Canada “further anchor Honda’s presence in Canada.”  The investment includes building a state-of-the-art paint shop which will reduce the emissions by 44%, further reducing Honda’s manufacturing carbon footprint in Canada.  Good news indeed!


CR-V rolls down the line in Alliston

CR-V rolls down the line in Alliston


Honda knows Canada!

Honda knows Canada!