Another tire season has almost come to an end – WOW! Were we busy!


Here are some interesting facts:


We have 13 storage containers for tires each holding about 75 sets of tires.


Containers for Tires Only


That is over 900 sets or 3,600 tires requiring a lot of organization to know where each set is. Also, we need to bring them up to the shop each day and take the winters to their new home for the summer.

Then there are the tires that are not stored with us. We installed another 495 sets of tires which were already mounted on rims and 148 sets not on rims.

2,284 customer vehicles came in and out of the shop in April, that is 91 each day.



It only felt like this many people!



To Install a Set of Tires – It Takes a Team


We have people making the appointments and trying their best to get you in as soon as we can, (which we know is not always as soon as our customers want, but we add improvements each season).

Service advisors to write up the work orders as quickly as possible.


All Hands on Deck!



The shuttle drivers trying their best to get people to their destinations on time.

The tower operator (the coordinator) that schedules the work and hands out the work to the techs.




The techs, working from 8am to 6pm installing tires and then, pulling the tires from the trailers for the next day. Maybe they will be done by 8pm so they can be long days with lots of lifting, (the gym memberships go on hold).



Lucus is working late


Service advisers finalize the work orders and shuttle drivers head out to pick up customers and bring them back.

And finally, Advil. We couldn’t do all this with out it. Thank you Advil!

But most of all, THANK YOU TO OUR CUSTOMERS!  Your patience, understanding and patronage during this busy season is always appreciated.


And in another 6 months we get to do it all over again!