Here’s a story of a man who is never happy with the “off the shelf ” automotive offerings.  Glen, one of our four detailers , has worked for Halton Honda for over 15 years.  He picked up his first new Honda , a 2016 Civic LX coupe in a manual transmission in September of 2016.  Although he loved it as it was, he doesn’t enjoy not being able to pick out his car in a lineup.  So when it came time to feature what exactly is possible when it comes to personalizing a Honda naturally we thought of Glen and his Rallye Red Civic.

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Day 1 with the New 2016 Civic LX

You might think that it’s lucky that Glen works at a Honda dealership so he can get the inside scoop on accessories. You could also say that it’s unlucky  for him that he’s surrounded everyday with ideas and temptations that he can add to his own Civic.

Fresh "out of the box" Civic Coupe LX

Fresh “out of the box” Civic Coupe LX



His first step was getting the windows tinted.  Not only adding the instant cool factor, it also helps to keep the inside of your car cool too.  In order to keep his car ding free, Glen added the Body Side Moldings in the same Rallye Red


Tint and Body Coloured Side Moldings Added




Lighting up his life was the addition of Fog Lights



For the discerning eye you’ll also notice he added the Front Lip.



That was in the fall last year and we all thought he was done.  His Civic LX looked great but then Honda released pictures of the all new Civic Si.

2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe

2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe


Spoiler Alert! Oooooo that spoiler! He just had to have it.

2017 Civic Si Spoiler

2017 Civic Si Spoiler




If the rear of your car is going to attract that much attention, you better have a chrome exhaust tip!

Chrome Exhaust Tip


Of course one of the easiest and most noticeable options to add is Alloy Wheels and Glen knew he wanted black ones.  He chose a 17” Black Enkie Wheels to replace the stock 16” Alloys which will now be his winter rims.

17" Enkei Alloys

17″ Enkei Alloys


When he tired of working on the outer beauty he turned his eye to his Civics’ inner beauty by painting his engine head Honda Red and then turned his eye to replacing the  stock air box with K&N cold air intake system to increase airflow efficiency.


This “combustion efficiency”  from the new cold air intake results in an increase of horsepower and torque, using roughly the same amount of fuel.  And the red engine head?  Everyone knows if it’s painted red, it goes faster!





Is Glen done?  We doubt it.


What will come next?