Vehicle Leasing

Buying a new or used car is an exciting experience. But it’s not the best move for everyone. That’s why at Halton Honda, we offer low leasing rates on long-term and short-term car leasing. Whether you want to lease a new car or lease a used car, we are sure to have something in our inventory that is sure to please you.

So why lease? If you’re life requires you to be flexible, then a lease is your best choice. A short-term lease allows you to pay lower monthly rates and a lower down payment, and is often eligible for tax deductions if you also use your vehicle for business. When your lease expires, you have the option to trade for a new vehicle, or hand back the keys and walk away, no strings attached. And if it’s too painful to part with your new vehicle, you may even opt to purchase it. Travel light, without the hassle of having to sell an unwanted vehicle when you need to be off to your next destination. Lease a Honda in Burlington or Waterdown today.