Honda Plus Extended Warranty

Honda has established a name synonymous with reliability. Adding to that reputation, we’ve created Honda Plus Extended Owner Comfort. A plan you can customize to minimize the aggravation and expense of unpleasant driving experiences. No matter what happens and no matter where you drive in Canada and continental USA, your vehicle will be backed by Honda approved technicians. That’s something to think about when you drive your Honda and when you’re looking for solid resale value in the future.

Contact us if you would like to know if your Honda still qualifies for Honda Plus coverage


Choose the plan that suits your needs. Just as we have different vehicles to suit your personal style, we offer several plans to fit your driving needs.


With Honda Plus, you can prolong your worry-free pleasure on specified parts and components even further. Just choose from our flexible selection of coverage options for the type of protection you need. Then enjoy your vehicle – knowing that Honda Plus Extended Owner Comfort is designed, administered and backed by Honda Canada Inc.

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