Oil Change Price Guarantee


We guarantee you will not find a lower price 0W-20 full synthetic oil change with a genuine honda oil filter.


Protect your investment by choosing genuine Honda 0W-20 full synthetic engine oil.


Honda 0W-20 oil is a full synthetic formula that provides advanced protection against oil breakdown for a cleaner running engine with less harmful engine deposits. By responding better to temperature extremes, and not breaking down like carbon based oil, synthetic oil lasts longer and is changed less often.

The more slippery nature of synthetic oil also allows the engine to run with less friction and at cooler temperatures for longer engine life and enhanced fuel economy.

Better Fuel Economy

Honda 0W-20 is a low viscosity and full synthetic engine oil specifically formulated for Honda’s low friction engines. An engine that runs more smoothly burns fuel more efficiently. 0W-20’s ultra-low viscosity grade helps to optimize fuel efficiency and improve power.

Example: Based on the Canadian fuel economy guide, the estimated annual fuel cost for a 2010 CR-V is $1,800 with 20,000km driving distance. With 1.5% fuel savings using 0W-20, your annual fuel savings would be $27 compared to 5W-20.


Reduced Engine Wear

Honda 0W-20 engine oil provides advanced protection against oil breakdown and a cleaner running engine. Honda 0W-20 engine oil’s low viscosity allows the oil to flow faster, particularly at engine start up and cold temperature, where most engine wear takes place.

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