Customer Testimonials

Halton Honda is part of a family business that has operated in Burlington since 1969. We pride ourselves in providing courteous, professional service in a family friendly atmosphere and have built a reputation of truly looking after our customers. Our service and competitive pricing have allowed us to become the largest volume dealership in the area.

We have never charged administration fees or surprise add-ons to our sales agreements or service repair invoices. Our service staff is not paid commissions for selling additional parts or work on repair orders. We believe in only doing what is required to provide you with a safe and worry free driving experience. Providing our customers a low cost of ownership is a long term outlook that ensures that Halton Honda will be part of our community for a long time to come.

Again, thank you for your visit and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and welcome you in helping us celebrate our 43rd anniversary.

Community – We are a part of the Burlington/Waterdown/Halton community. We benefit from its health and growth and do what we can to make it a better place. We support local businesses and besides sponsoring many local sports teams we have for many years been supporters of:

  • The Burlington Sound of Music Festival
  • The Canada Day event at Spencer Smith Park
  • The Joseph Brant Hospital
  • Halton Children’s Aid
  • The Burlington Community Foundation
  • Toys 4 Tots
  • plus countless other community projects and national charities


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I brought my car in today for an oil change, but more importantly, to get a leaking front tire fixed on my 2015 Accord. My service advisor was a young gentleman named Mark, his 1st week on the job.
Mark was attentive to my concerns and kept me informed of the progress during my visit. Once the work was done and was about to leave, he told me he’d follow-up with me in a weeks time to check if the repairs were to my satisfaction. I told him that that wouldn’t be necessary, however the gesture was appreciated. I found that to be a nice touch.
Thanks Mark. Good luck in your new role.
Peter Holland

Hi Brad

Chuck and I would like to thank you and Robyn so much for all your help yesterday. The gift basket we received was especially appreciated and made us feel very special. We have bought/leased several vehicles in the past and have never received a customer appreciation gift, which makes it such a wonderful experience for us.

Robyn – have been driving the “computer” today and getting used to it but wanted you to know that I couldn’t have done it without your information session with us yesterday. You’re amazing and I totally appreciate your help, as well as your offer to help with anything in the future. You gave me the confidence I needed to drive out of your parking lot and get back to our home in Hamilton.

Have a wonderful and safe long weekend and you can be sure that I’ll be telling all of our friends about your dealership.

Val Cassar

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your letter re my delivery of a 2015 Civic. I have found that after a couple of weeks of driving I have become familiar with the myriad of controls and absolutely love the car. It feels more like an Accord than a Civic and I can only speculate what the 2016 will provide.
I feel that after 45 plus years associated with the automobile industry I have a good idea what a first class dealership should look like and how it should “feel”. Halton Honda scores right at the top in all the necessary requirements. The facilities are first class, spacious, bright, spotless and display all the current advertising support. The staff are all warm, approachable and knowledgeable. They evidence pride in being Halton associates. The speed of the boss is the speed of the gang so congratulations to you.
I have serviced at Halton Honda since moving to Burlington and the appointments have been seamless. Rather than utilizing your shuttle service I bring a book, grab a coffee and a paper and enjoy the environment myself. On occasion I wander down the hall and bug Brad who is the consummate professional and never throws me out.
Once again thank you for providing a great experience in car buying and servicing.Gavin Donaldson

Hi Robyn – I really appreciate the follow up and the time that you have taken with me going over all the new bells and whistles on my latest Accord. Just my first full day today but I am very impressed and pleased with the way the car drives and handles.

From my first Civic that I bought back in 1991 to my new 2015 coupe I have been more and more pleased with all 5 Hondas that I have purchased – 4 of them from Halton Honda. I love how reliable they have proven to be.

I also very much enjoy dealing with you and everyone there at Halton Honda. Thanks for the gift basket – that was a very thoughtful touch!

It is a very good looking car and I received a number of compliments on it today.

Thanks again Robyn.


Halton Honda Burlington Mr. Dwayne Cook and Mr. Hugh Bell have been incredibly supportive to my family and I with our Honda CRV purchase. We bought our car last summer and it has created wonderful family memories. I am very appreciative of the team and how friendly the staff was. They have always offered help and listened to our concerns. After much consideration we settled on the Honda CRV with the help of Mr.Bell and Mr.Cook. Thank you very much. Gracias! Milagro and Carlos

About New Car Owner Clinic

Dear April,
I wanted to write and thank you & all the staff who made last night such a wonderful event.  I’m a first-time Honda owner and I was very impressed with the management, support staff and technicians.  Each of you displayed a professional integrity and passion for your work which was a joy to see.
Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable evening.
p.s. I even got to go home and teach my husband something!

Hi Girlfriend,For the last two days I keep saying to myself “somebody pinch me is this really happening”  I was going to email you……I wanted to get a couple of days under my belt.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this car.  Honda has come a long way since my last vehicle.  It is very DREAMY.  I am lovin’ the right hand turn camera….just like you said……….. It is definitely and extra set of eyes and is coming in handy checking out those men at the corner!   The heated seats are sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing in the morning when you need that cozy comfy lets drift back to sleep feeling …NOT!  Sure is NICE though.  DITTO on the neighbourhood beautification project…..HONDA should be proud.  I can’t wait to take it out of the garage so everyone can see it.

I have not been able to take it over 100 km…the weather has just been too crappy, and I am so thankful that you were able to do my winter tires for me.  I feel much safer.  I will take heed of your suggestions and not try to rally drive just yet.    I pretty much stick to the same gas station (SHELL) but will watch if I am out of town and have to go somewhere else.

Faye will be in the market for a new car sometime soon.  She has her eye on the Accord two door coupe.  I am sure she will contact Halton Honda….you yourself and come and see you.  Thank you again Robyn for all of your help in seeing me through this rough patch.  I am glad to have it behind me.  Here’s to 2015 being one of the most awesome years yet!!!  Sending some good vibes your way 😀

A BIG THANK YOU to Halton Honda!  You guys ROCK……Brad, Melanie and of course the most amazing ROBYN!

Laura Xo

Excellent Experience at Halton Honda with Greg Berg!!

My husband and I needed to upgrade to and SUV for our growing family and Greg went above and beyond as an excellent salesman. He spent hours with us on 4 different visits. He answered every question we had and worked with us to find something within our budget. We are glad we took his suggestion to get the SE CRV. We tried out many of the same size SUVs but we liked Honda the best! We are really thrilled with the features and Greg spent time with us when we picked it up showing us how everything worked. He answers email and questions very quickly and he is very friendly and has a ton of experience and knowledge. We are 100% satisfied with him as a salesman and would recommend him to anyone in the market for a vehicle!

Hello, Robyn !
It was a real pleasure to read “My Impressions of a Touring 2015 Fit”, written by yourself, in the January edition of the “HH Insider”.
The highlight of the story is, of course your “new passion” – paddle shifters, and all the fun that comes with that HUGE feature on the new Fit !
Now, you understand me, and why I kept bugging Honda about them.

Best regards … Danko


My new truck is safely home, parked in the shed, out of the elements. It’s a very ‘spiffy’ truck.

I appreciate your friendliness and professionalism you showed me during my truck purchase, right down to the fresh coffee for my departures. The gift basket is a nice touch, also.

Thanks very much,

Garry Heagy

St. Clements, ON


Richard- I am writing to pass along a compliment to your service department. Every time I come in to your dealership I am impressed with the level of service I receive. The appointments are always prompt and courteous. I am especially impressed with Ian, who is very knowledgeable and customer oriented. My next car purchase will undoubtedly be at Halton Honda.

Gary Sawchuk


Def’n: Buyer’s remorse is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car or house.

Now that we know what it is by definition we can rule it out when dealing with your dealership.

My wife and I finally admitted that our 16 yr. old Mazda 626 had earned a retirement in spite of it’s 141,000 km odometer reading. We did our usual due diligence and test drove a Civic, Corolla, Focus, and Mazda 3. Our eventual choice was the Civic.

Now was the time to get down to the “nitty gritty” and face off against the dreaded car salesman. We dealt with Mark, Greg and Dave and eventually with Melanie. You should be proud!

We told our daughters of our purchase and the first question asked was “do you have any remorse” and our instant response was “not one iota”.

From the way we were dealt with (no pressure) to the entire atmosphere of your business establishment we walked away feeling we had made the right decision.

We take delivery next Monday and if the car is as impressive as your staff we will have a great story to tell our friends and family.

Tom Airth

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your company’s amazing service. My family has purchased a few vehicles from your dealership and we are always very impressed with the amazing service and support I receive. It is getting harder every day to find companies that offer quality service.


Would refer Halton Honda!

Peter, excellent service from Dave McHarg as usual! 4th Honda from Dave

thanks – Gord Taylor


Just a quick note to say thank you for the services of Ian Chapple in service. he twice has diagnosed a problem with my accord and it it greatly appreciated.

His knowledge and expertise is something the dealership will find hard to replace one day. Customers will definitely return to a dealership who offers help and assistance on a personal level.

Thanks again for all the help ( 2009 accord was making a bumping noise when braking)

Rick Barrett


I want to thank you for making the purchase of my Honda civic a most enjoyable and exciting occasion. your knowledge, experience and personality made that possible. I appreciate the information you gave me and your patience in answering all my questions. you related to me an a very relaxed manner so that I did not feel any pressure or tension. your style suited me perfectly and I would suggest would suit most people. the whole atmosphere in your Honda dealership is very upbeat. everyone I dealt with was friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you for everything. you are truly an excellent associate at Halton Honda and I have already recommended you to my friends. I just love driving my Honda civic

Jackie Harrison (Burlington)


I just wanted to personally reach out and commend my auto purchasing experience with Albert. I am in the process of repatriating from the US to Canada, resulting in some unforeseen hurdles that affected my ability to insure (and therefore pickup) the 2013 Accord that Albert ordered for me. Nonetheless, Albert was calm, honest, and supportive throughout the process – including picking me up late on a Friday night from the Pearson airport so that we could get to Halton Honda and complete the delivery. Albert is the kind of guy that everyone would like to deal with at an auto dealership! We buy a new vehicle every few years, and we currently own a 2009 Pilot and the new 2013 Accord; so I will be back to work with Albert again in the future. Once again, thank you!



It was a pleasure dealing with you during our “purchase experience” at Halton Honda. I came along with my son Carl to look at new cars and found you to be a great help serving our wants and needs. Your dealership is well laid out and more consumer and customer friendly. Carl will be in touch with your customer service finance department to sort out all the paperwork. I think we are both happy with returning to Honda after our first purchase of a Honda Civic from your dealership in 2003.

Thanks Again,
Nick Nikolov


Just a brief note on behalf of my wife-Christine and I that we very much appreciated the excellent support and assistance Albert Daniel of your Sales team recently gave us, when we purchased our 2013 Civic from your dealership. Albert was very helpful, supportive, informative and patient when dealing-assisting us. Needless to say, Albert was a truly positive factor in helping us reach our final buying decision of a new vehicle. We are very happy with our new Civic, and would most definitely recommend Albert and Halton Honda to friends and associates. All the best, and thanks again!

Andrew & Christine Parke


I just LOVE my new 2010 CRV that I purchased recently from Halton Honda! This is the third Honda that I have purchased from Halton Honda. The others were a 2005 Accord and a 2008 Accord. I loved them both! But, the CRV is in a class of its own! I continue to be very impressed by Robyn Murphy’s professionalism and her knowledge of the vehicles she sells. I have always dealt with Robyn and I will continue to do so. She is a real asset to your sales team! Robyn makes the purchase of a new vehicle a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. She takes the time to explain all the “bells and whistles” and encourages her customer to phone her ifany questions come up after the car leaves the lot. I continue to be a very happy customer of Halton Honda!

Nancy Ross


I want to sincerely thank you for making our experience to purchase the van extremely pleasant and smooth. Let me list some of the key reasons as follows:

  1. Cost: There were no hidden costs, everything was quoted up front. In fact, the final discount was above my expectations.
  2. Convenience: You made it possible for me to buy this van even before I arrived in Canada by simple deposit with my credit card and e-mailing the bill of sale back. I really wanted to buy this or similar van.
  3. Personal Attention: During my initial visit and when I came to pickup the van, you explained every feature and function of the van personally and made us feel at home.

Throughout the process, I got the feeling that I am dealing with a thorough gentleman with integrity. My family was thrilled with your wonderful gift basket. I will highly recommend you and this dealership to anyone.

Best regards, Daksh


After our recent purchase from Halton Honda, Burlington, I felt it was necessary to contact you. We had been actively searching for a Honda Accord for several months in the Niagara Region. Our search was nothing short of frustrating. We have been Toyota owners for over 20 years, and quite frankly were ready to return to them. It was not until we met Greg Berg at Halton Honda, that we changed our minds.

Our first initial contact with Greg was when we happened to drop by the Burlington dealership close to closing time and looked at a used car. Greg was not in the used car sales department, but, as he was not busy, offered to help as much as he could. He tried to gather as much information as possible, and also forwarded more information to us the next day, via e-mail. We chose not to purchase that particular vehicle, but Greg kept us informed with a future e-mail, and their dealership’s newsletter.

Getting more and more frustrated with the lack of customer service in the Niagara Region, we were almost set to go back to Toyota. In fact, my husband happened to browse Halton Honda’s website one day, and saw a recent posting for a 2009 Honda Accord. We decided we would visit Greg, who made himself available to our schedule. The whole experience took about twenty minutes. Greg knew exactly what we wanted, and unfortunately, the process we had recently been put through. There was no song and dance, no labouring process of “making a deal”. He simply went to the sales manager, explained exactly where we stood, and within moments, a small negotiation took place, and we were the proud owners of a Honda Accord! On the day we picked up our vehicle, Greg stayed after hours, went over the details of the vehicle without rushing us, and sent us away as very satisfied customers. He assumed we would do our service work in the Niagara Region, but after our experience with Halton Honda, we are seriously considering keeping our service business there as well.

My husband and I are still shaking our heads in disbelief that our purchase at Halton Honda was done so effortlessly. We had felt instinctively the day we met Greg though, that we wanted to do business with him. We were not disappointed. We thought you should know.

Elinore Thorburn, (Vineland ON)


I want to take this opportunity to make special mention about Mr. Jamal Sabri in the service department. Mr. Sabri deserves to be commended for his excellent customer service skills. I recently brought in my wife’s CRV for service. The service took much longer than anticipated. Mr. Sabri kept me informed of the progress, was very helpful in helping make some decisions relating to the service. Responding to my many questions, he was always polite and professional. Once the car was ready, he apologized for the delay and offered a gift basket. These kind gestures just show the care your staff, and especially Mr. Sabri has for your clients.

Stephane Potvin (Hamilton,ON)


Re: New Car Purchase

We recently assisted our daughter with the purchase of a new vehicle from Halton Honda and we were completely delighted with the entire process. The delivery was nothing short of spectacular and for a first time purchaser it was a great experience.

We had purchased our daughter Danielle a 2001 Honda Civic a couple of years ago which she used to commute to college. A couple of weeks ago she had a bad accident and the car was completely destroyed. She started looking for an older used car to fit her budget. We wanted her to be safe and happy but respect her financial decision.

One meeting with Mr. McHarg was all it took for her to decide she wanted the new car. Mr. McHarg was completely professional throughout the entire process and she felt very comfortable dealing with him. He explained all the models and options and when she decided on what she wanted he assisted with the financing along with the Finance Manager.

On July 15, 2014 she proudly took ownership of her brand new 2014 Honda Civic. Mr. McHarg had balloons on the car and presented her with a gift basket and the keys. Following the delivery instructions she was ready to roll out of the parking lot. When I leaned in to say good bye she told me she was so proud of herself and this was one of the best days in her life. As a parent I don’t need to tell you how much that meant to us. We are so thankful to the entire staff at Halton Honda that my wife purchased a car for herself.

It’s not often that you find such exceptional service today. I am sure you are proud of the organization you have built and I now know why you have such a loyal clientele. This experience has made another convert to the Honda family. My wife has left GM and will soon also be a proud owner of her new Honda.

Thank you for treating my family so well.

Sean Furlong


I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job and taking the time to touch up the scratches on my little car. It was most kind of you to go out of your way and help me out.

As a matter of fact all the staff at Halton Honda have been really good to me. I have told many of my friends about the excellent service I have received considering I only bought a used car. I will definitely buy my brand-new car from Halton Honda when I’m ready and able 🙂

All the best in the future